Our services for companies

Who are our services for?

  • For companies recruiting new employees French or foreigners,
  • Companies offering their employees internal geographic mobility (transfers and restructurings).

Beneficiaries: All managerial and non-managerial employees (permanent, fixed-term, temporary, work-study).

Why call on Alpina Relocation?

  • Recruit without geographical limits more easily,
  • Gain in attractiveness by offering support for the installation,
  • Make your employees operational more quickly and available by entrusting us with the management of their relocation,
  • Control your relocation costs of your employees: we advise you on the possible aids and coverages.

We offer services dedicated to :

  • Home search and commissioning assistance (for rent or purchase),
  • Support and integration of the family in its new environment (children's schooling, help in finding a job for the spouse, cultural and sports integration),
  • Management of all administrative procedures necessary.

Understand the challenges and benefits of mobility
for companies

Business leaders, Human Resources Managers, Operational Managers,

Your geographical mobility policy is an important strategic management toolwhich allows you to be more flexible in your organizations and to better manage the careers of your employees when they are hired, transferred or restructured.

It is an effective lever to enable your company to adapt to a localized increase or decrease in activity.

Promoting a mobility policy allows :

The determining factors of a successful mobility policy :

  • The role of operational managers is important, as they are responsible for anticipating and detecting profiles that could benefit from mobility,
  • A mobility policy known to all, which requires a great deal of communication about the existing systems as well as about feedback.

Mobility for your employees

Better employability

Allows you to increase the employability of your employees and the recognition of their added value,

Professional development

Is a great vector of professional development for your employees and transfer of good practices for your company.

Main motivations of the employee

  • Better remuneration
  • Better balance between professional and personal life
  • Career Accelerator
  • Professional and personal enrichment

Main obstacles for the employee

  • Family reluctance
  • Home search
  • Children's schooling
  • Transportation
  • Administrative formalities

ALPINA RELOCATION meets the needs of your employees

Our relocation services are aimed at both executives and non-executives, in a context of national and international geographical mobility. They are part of the mechanisms and tools that are still often unknown in terms of mobility for companies.

We provide a concrete and effective response to the need for "flexicurity", with the aim of removing obstacles and barriers to mobility.


Where the company strives to increase the professional network, ALPINA Relocation, in its support, strives to promote the development of the personal network of the employee.

As part of our support to our clients, we are proud to contribute to the development of a company culture that favors mobility!

We are committed to facilitating the integration of your employees and fostering new connections that will allow them to quickly feel at ease in their new environment!

Our added value

Aide Mobili-Pass®


Our services are part of the "Mobility" subsidies granted by Action Logement (organism).

If your employee is eligible, our support in finding and renting accommodation is fully covered by Action Logement.

100% FREE for the company and the employee!

Eligibility requirements

  • The beneficiaries are employees of a private sector company – excluding
    the agricultural sector – with 10 or more employees,
  • The assistance is granted in case of new hiring or transfer.
  • These events lead to : un changement de résidence principale ou la nécessité d’un second logement,
  • The employee must become a tenant : either 3 months before the event or within 6 months after the event,
  • The relocation service is provided by a relocation professional and must lead to the signing of a lease, 
  • Only one grant is awarded per household per 2-year period, except in the case of relocation of the company,
  • The reference tax income N-2 (N-1 if more favorable) must be lower than the PLI resource limits,
  • Except in case of relocation of the company, the distance between the old and the new residence is greater than 70 kilometers. 

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