The company

ALPINA RELOCATION, commercial name of ALPINA SWEET HOME SAS, is based in Annecy in Haute-Savoie. 

A company specializing in assisting individuals, students, company employees and their families in Haute-Savoie, Savoie and Pays de Gex to move around. Help with all stages of the move, from discovering the area to putting up the curtains! 

Service - Mobility - Connection - Integration

Leading the way for your mobility in the Alps

Our certified professional skills in relocation, our talents, our creativity, our optimism and our ambition shape the character of ALPINA Relocation.

Our perseverance and our knowledge of the Alps allow us to energetically meet all your mobility challenges.

The Alpina spirit

Because we, the founders and employees of ALPINA RELOCATION, have had this incredible opportunity to travel, to move around, to have experienced professional and personal mobility on our territory as well as abroad, because we have gone to meet others, their societal cultures, we have been enriched by cultural diversity !

And for this common curiosity to become a successful life experience, we had to integrate each time !

Beyond sharing these incredible experiences, Alpina Relocation is above all a contribution to promoting mobility for all !

Our deepest dream, our aspiration, our daily motivation, is that your integration in your new environment be a total success! More generally, that the integration is quickly successful for all !

To make sure this is the case, we strive every day to help you succeed in what is necessary for your integration! Learning the local language components, access to education for your children and above all quick access to the housing that corresponds to your wishes and needs !  

We believe that everyone should have the same opportunity to access housing !

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we challenge the fact that it would be harder to access housing because you are not on site, because you are foreign, students or on contracts other than permanent, we believe that it is possible to break down these constraints, the way we challenge this status quo is to provide well-designed services, to provide you with our skills, our network and tailor-made support, simple, accessible and effective.

We happen to offer excellent relocation services. Want to let us help you with your challenge?

Our priorities

Our clients

Always put our clients at the center of our concerns and our thinking


Representing our territory and its values well: establishing our reliability and strengthening our reputation

Relationship of trust

Build and maintain a relationship of trust with our clients and partners


Develop our business by always looking for the best solutions and using the most innovative tools


An unwavering determination to deliver professional & qualitative relocation services, to be the best and to complete our missions, without ever deviating from our values and processes, using our qualities, skills, know-how and interpersonal skills, for everyone and in a fair way !

Our core values








Who is behind ALPINA Relocation?

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Alexia // Founder and director

My name is Alexia Cassinadri, I'm 39 years old, I'm from "Haute-Savoie" and I'm a graduate of ESDES (Lyon Business School).

After 10 years of professional experience in Marketing for several publishing companies, in Consulting and in Real Estate; punctuated by numerous mobilities in France (Lyon, Paris, Caen) and abroad (United States, Australia and especially China where I was expatriated for 5 years), I came back to my native region and settled in Annecy in 2019 (with my husband and children).

Having benefited several times from assistance in finding housing and settling in, I am deeply convinced of the importance of personalized support for a successful integration! 

In addition, my experience within a professional real estate network has allowed me to acquire solid knowledge as well as a good mastery of the workings of real estate: a real plus to accompany my clients in their search for a home.

The attractiveness and economic dynamism of the Savoie region (Haute-Savoie, Savoie and Ain) and its needs led me to create, in 2020, my own relocation company: ALPINA RELOCATION.

"Feel at home wherever you are! "

Lucie // Relocation Consultant and Communications Officer
My name is Lucie Bouvet, I'm 24 and I'm a Relocation Consultant and Communications Manager at ALPINA RELOCATION.              

Graduated in Marketing & Communication from "Ecole Supérieure de Publicité" in Lyon, I discovered relocation as a personal assistant for a family and by helping them to relocate from Auckland, New Zealand, to Cannes in France.

My English knowledge, my personal and professional expériences taught me the importance and values ​​of multiculturalism. A real asset to help our international customers. Convinced that relocation are turning points, I am delighted to operate to facilitate and smooth your moving projects.
Persuadée que les changements de lieu de vie sont des moments clés et charnières, je suis ravie d’opérer pour faciliter et fluidifier ces projets.

In love with our city, Annecy and grateful to be born here, it is with pleasure that I'll help you fit in this beautiful region.

"Home is where the heart is!" » Be ready to fall in love with Haute-Savoie…

Lara // Relocation Consultant

My name is Lara Fournier-Langlais, I'm 20 years old, I'm a relocation consultant at ALPINA RELOCATION and I'm also doing a professional degree in Real Estate Transactions and Management at the Annecy Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

My customer relations and sales skills, acquired during my BTS, enable me to tackle the exciting assignments offered by the relocation business. An accomplished sportswoman, I've been playing handball for 12 years. I like a challenge, I'm persevering and I'm determined to provide our customers with the best possible support from A to Z.

I'm also convinced of the importance of personalized support for a successful integration, and I'm delighted to put my motivation, professionalism and taste for performance at the service of our customers to help them find their new "Home Sweet Home".

Nicolas // Co-founder and partner
My name is Nicolas Cassinadri, I'm 40 years old, I'm from Normandie and I'm a graduate of ESDES (Lyon Business School).
After 15 years of professional experience in the automotive industry for several multinationals, and a few years in business consulting and management coaching; punctuated by numerous moves in France (Lyon, Paris) and abroad (Ireland, Germany and especially China, where I was an expatriate for 5 years), I settled in Annecy in 2019 (with my wife and children).
Having benefited several times from assistance in finding accommodation and settling in, I'm just as convinced as Alexia of the importance of personalized support for a successful integration! To this end, I'm absolutely delighted to put my skills and knowledge of organizational structure, financial management, management and business development at the service of ALPINA RELOCATION.
Responsible for the company's development strategy and financial management, my mission is to deploy a sustainable growth strategy in line with the business model.
Let's move mountains together and take full advantage of this magnificent territory!