Alpina Sweet Life

Your international social club in Annecy

Alpina Sweet Life is a social and international club formed by our relocation agency. Our four fundamental pillars in our relocation business are mobility, services, connections and integration. We wanted to take integration to the next level, and this club is the way to do it!

We create moments and spaces where foreign expatriates, returning French nationals and anyone interested in multiculturalism can meet up, have a good time, develop their local networks, share valuable experiences and identify local service providers to meet their needs. Nous sommes très attachés aux valeurs de notre club et ce sont elles qui nous réunissent.


We promote these values within this community by organizing events at least once a month, in the fields of gastronomy, heritage, culture and sport. These experiences are designed to bring people together, but also to reveal the hidden gems of our region, offering our members the opportunity to discover unique and offbeat places that showcase the richness of our Alpine territory.