Aide Mobili-Pass®
Action Logement

Mobili-Pass® is a financial aid granted by Action Logement and designed to facilitate professional mobility following a transfer or a new hiring. It covers certain expenses related to access to rental housing. It is part of the relocation assistance intended for providing financial support for a change in housing.

The Mobili-Pass® aid is presented in the form of a grant to cover the costs of rental housing search assistance provided by a relocation agency and/or a repayable loan.

Be aware that Mobili-Pass® cannot be paid directly to the employee but only to a relocation agency.


Answer the following 4 questions to find out IMMEDIATELY if you are eligible for FREE support in your search for rental housing (mobility service financed by the Mobili-Pass® from Action Logement).

Aide Mobili-Pass® pour les salariés en mobilité professionnelle en France

Who can benefit

Tous les salariés (CDI, CDD, Intérim, alternance – contrat français) d’une entreprise du secteur privé – excluding the agricultural sector – with 10 or more employees.


For more details on the Mobili Pass®we invite you to consult this documentation.