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With our Home Search service, we turn your criteria into reality.
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Our Home Search service goes beyond simply finding an address. We work closely with you to draw up precise specifications, defining your future home.

From the selection of available properties, visits, checking the lease before signing to the inventory of fixtures and handover of the keys, we are there every step of the way to simplify the search process and offer you a stress-free experience...

The stages of research


We offer you a professional, efficient and high-quality service!

We will advise you, based on your profile and situation, on the essential documents you need to present in your rental file. We then take care of the final preparation of the file (securing it with a watermark), its presentation and transmission to the lessors, simplifying the administrative formalities and checks.

We use our contacts with private owners (off-market ads) and our close relationships with local estate agents to give you every chance of finding the property that's right for you!

Our professional status means that we're always available during the day and can react quickly (organising same-day visits or two visits at the same time by two of our advisers, etc.)!

We carry out a meticulous pre-selection of available properties that perfectly match your criteria (avoiding the many fraudulent ads), saving you time and energy!

We represent you (or accompany you personally) during visits, to ensure a smooth, hassle-free search experience!

We gather all the information we need (about the property and the area) to confirm whether or not you are interested in renting the property.

If you are available at the time of the visit, we will call you on video for a 'live' visit. If not, we will produce a photo/video report.

This service is for you if...

You are encountering limitations in your search for accommodation: language barrier, geographical distance, specific profile and file...

You're looking for a property that meets specific criteria and want to capitalise on your efforts by calling on our network.

You're not familiar with the area and are looking for advice to help you make the right choice; you want personalised, expert guidance on the territory.

You would like support in your search for accommodation so that you can devote more time and energy to other parts of your project.

When you choose Alpina Relocation, you benefit from the expertise of a privileged contact who excels at finding accommodation in the area.

Our personalised approach, combined with our contacts and in-depth knowledge of the market, enables us to find solutions tailored to your unique needs.

We are committed to simplifying and streamlining your home-hunting experience in a tight property market.

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average duration (weeks)

Each home search is unique and differs according to the profile of the tenants, the type of accommodation, the location of the property we are looking for and the time of year when we conduct our searches. The search time therefore varies from one assignment to the next.

In the areas where we operate, notice periods vary from one to three months, which is the minimum period we recommend for a successful property search! In our opinion, two months is the ideal duration, especially during periods of high demand (beginning of the year and summer).

There is no guaranteed number of visits, everything depends on the seasonality and the state of the market at the time of the search, but thanks to our experience and our work on the specifications and the pre-selection, we are able to find the right property for you. We rarely exceed 3 visits to find your new home!

If you're not on site, we'll call you on video for a live visit if you're available. If not, we'll send you a video report, photos and a report on the visit.

  • Reliable support for professional mobility, with over a hundred families supported since 2020
  • Comprehensive research management
  • Expertise in understanding our customers' needs
  • The assurance of finding a new home quickly and efficiently, thanks to our knowledge of the local constraints and the property market in our region
  • A network of experienced partners for quality services (immigration, removals, concierge services, property valuation, etc.)